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Life Is About Learning.


If you are always learning you can never lose ………………..

Today, news travels very fast. But the bad ones travels much faster than we can imagine. Thinking allowed, for some reason, some people are very quick or more than willing to disseminate or pass along the negative things they hear than the positive ones.

You see, by doing so, they fail to realize they stand to lose out on the positive return. Everything we say will eventually come back to us. Thus, avoid gossip. There is nothing that can’t be made worse by telling.

Life is about learning and if you are always learning, you will never lose. Compassion increases our capacity to care and reinforces our charity, empathy and sympathy. The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater our own sense of well-being becomes.

Remember, our mind exerts the greatest influence on most of us. The road to a better, meaningful and purposeful life is paved by the small decisions and choices we make each day. The positive things we say will only establish our reputation as a person of integrity, winning us the trust, admiration and respect of others.

As we continue our daily pursuit, the road to true happiness is paved with praise and compliments. Do not readily accept the negative things or opines of those that are shared or passed along to you. Sometimes, these can be lies. It can lead us astray or have the potential to hurt us more in the longer term.



  1. Very well written! I absolutely agree about your thoughts about the power of compassion.

  2. Open Up Life says:

    So true are your words, compassion, love, peace! Learning happens every minute of life! Thanks for sharing! It is always nice to read your uplifting posts! It is a Beatles love day!!!! Peace and love,Tammy

  3. I just want to share that this is the song my husband and I chose to play once we turned around to walk back down the aisle, now as husband and wife! This amazing song has always uplifted my heart but now even more so as I recall that glorious moment when I wanted to jump up and down and laugh and cry and squeeze my husband! (I tried to remain graceful but there was a bit of that, I’ll admit). I love your blog!

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