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Is Trust Holding You Back?


For a relationship to be right on the outside, it have to be right on the inside.

A common source of our unhappiness is letting unsatisfactory situations persist unnecessarily ………… I reckon there is a need for us to behave in a way that is trustworthy. Otherwise, people may assume we do things any way – even to the extent of compromising on our values, beliefs or principles.

For a relationship to be sustainable and progressing, there must be trust. Trust is the foundation which any successful relationship is built upon. But, trust have to be earned. I mean, can we simply ask someone to place his or her trust in us? Besides, trust cannot be simply accorded just because of seniority or the positions we hold.

I believe we should get rid of things that are holding us back and focus on spending more of our time doing positive things that can effectively contribute towards our relationship building with others.

You see, our action can impact our relationships with others. One positive action on our part may elicit another positive action. But one negative action or no action at all, will certainly elicit another or more negative actions from those we are in contact.

Any improvement or a change for the better, can only begin when we take a non-defensive appraisal of what went wrong and a genuine and honest examination of our behavior. Then, taking the necessary remedial action without pressure. Your key to unlocking your blocked assumptions is always within you. Your consistency in displaying and demonstrating your trustworthiness will certainly help bring about the desired positive results in your relationships with others.

Have a great day ……………. Love, Peace and Understanding !!!



  1. terry1954 says:

    trust have to be earned…….this is the prize of our lives, when we have earned it and given it. it reflects then on our whole relationships

  2. bwebbjr says:

    Excellent post Michael … the entire post and especially the opening bolded line really hits the nail on the head … trust is absolutely essential to good relationships!


  3. Roxi says:

    Great, inspirational post, Michael 🙂 thank you!

  4. Reblogged this on Namaste Consulting Inc. and commented:
    Thanks Michael!

  5. I agree trust is so important in relationships. It seems almost everything we do in this world involves some element of trust. Thanks for the post.

    • Michael says:

      Appreciate you visiting and commenting. Trust you are doing fine on the right track. Keep excelling and Regatds !!!

  6. orples says:

    To me, trust is as important as love is to a relationship, especially in a ‘partnership’ relationship. You can love someone with all of your heart, but if they can’t be trusted, what’s the point of wasting your time or tears? I think the relationship would have a better chance if it lacked love.

    • Michael says:

      Happy Evening Orples. Thanks for sharing your thought with us. Trust is an important element in any form of relationship. Even in business. Once this is broken it will affect the image. See you Orples !!!

      • orples says:

        Obviously, I wasn’t thinking along the lines of business relationships, although I have had a couple of customers that I did love to deal with, and always because they were trustworthy, reliable, and easy to get along with.

        • Michael says:

          Like most people, I am sure you love to deal with your customers. Say, one fine morning you are not in and someone else have to do that. Imagine, he behaved the opposite way – refusing to entertaining them, arguing back and chased the customers out if the shop? Chaos erupt very quickly and the whole world knows of it “chasing customers away” Trust is broken. Your competitors are laughing all the way to the bank just because of some insensible action and no immediate action from those who should step forward and do the right thing. See you Orples.

  7. Colline says:

    As you suggest, the way you treat others and the difficulties they come across will show whether you are trustworthy or not. I know that I trust more if a person does not gossip, or change their mind too often, or is reliable.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Colline, Thanks for sharing your thought with us. I see your point. Frequently “changing their mind” – not steady. This lead us to doubt. Gossiping is a no-no for me too. You have another great day and Best Regards !!!

  8. Outstanding! Sometimes, we have to weigh in the situations. It’s really worth having a careful approach..It’s a great composition, i must say..
    God bless you..

  9. “trust cannot be simply accorded just because of seniority or the positions we hold” Sort of begs the question (without saying it outright) what IS, then, this accorder of trust… perhaps the things that have always been thought important are not so very important to most people. I would rather have a friend who knows me inside and out than someone of high status, power or fame by my side. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Generally friends will not ask us to place their trust in them, right. But, at times there will be people who will ask us to place our trust in them, especially during ………. Regards !!!

  10. Great post, this hits home (I beleive) for a lot of people.

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