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The ability not to view our setbacks and failures as something to dwell on. But, as another opportunity for us to move forward and accepting that it’s a part of life.

Resilience can mean different things in different situations. Say, for someone diagnosed with a chronic illness, resilience will be about trying to get the very best out of the time they have left to them.

For someone living in a war-zone, often witnessing death and destruction and experiencing unimaginable emotional turmoil – staying resilient is about keeping themselves, their loved ones, families and those around them alive. Thus, building resilience is a tough process.

Some say; “Failure destroy some people. Others, rises up from the ashes, only to come back stronger” I agree. It’s true that some people are more resilient than others.

But, resilience is not a character trait. It can be learned. It is a process by which we learn to adapt to changes or crisis. Be mindful, we are all unique in how we respond to situations and events. Setbacks and failures will continue to impact us to learn, to take an acceptable risk and grow.

I believe you are more resilient than you think you are. Having said that, I am confident you have the ability to bounce back or even triumph in the face of adversity ………………. Always keep a positive view of yourself and your ability to solve problems. Remember, only you can determine what works for you. Let go the fear and do it. Bounce back as quickly as you can.

Take care and have another week.

Love ……… Peace …….. Understanding ……..


  1. Visionkeeper says:

    I think it all about attitude. If you are a positive person and always look for the best in all situations then you will succeed and face adversity while rising from the ashes. Thanks for Michael J…I miss his energy and his heart. VK

    • Michael says:

      thanks VK. very well said. it have everything to do with our attitude. regards !!!

      • I think it is okay to sit with negative emotions for some time. Otherwise some people fall into blocking real feelings only to let them haunt you later. All emotions deserve their own time, so long as you do arribe at that positive outlook.

  2. IngaHel says:

    Everything that happens is right at the moment it does and according to circumstances and our condition at the time we see or experience it.
    Good and bad do not arise until we start doing something with it, judge the situation and judge ourselves and each other.
    No matter what it is, even this we do not want to include.
    It is not until afterwards that we can judge it and then it has disappeared and no longer exists.
    And we are now not before so we should let go of all our ideas of the past.
    I wonder whether it is possible to learn. I doubt it. But perhaps.
    Like you say, only you can determine what works for you

    Greetings from Iceland,


  3. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom Michael

  4. Carrie says:

    Just what I needed today. Thank you, Michael.

  5. orples says:

    It’s the setback’s in life that make the easier times all that much sweeter. I’ve seen many times when I’ve felt like throwing in the towel, but life doesn’t let you do that. I think we all have it within ourselves to overcome our obstacles, as long as we don’t lose our faith in selfworth.

  6. When we know someone who is facing adversity, we can help them to build up resilience by providing a listening ear, showing compassion and validating their experience. Yes, resilience can be learned and thank goodness for that!

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Heidi for expanding with your valued input on my post. Have a pleasant evening and another great week !!!

  7. This subject has arrived in my inbox more than once today – hmmmm – is the universe trying to tell me something? I am sure that we all have an assortment of good and bad experiences to teach us many of life’s lessons and it is through learning how to cope and hopefully becoming stronger from these, that enables us to grow in many different ways. Shame that not all lessons can’t be in a nice cosy classroom with your favourite teacher though!

  8. terry1954 says:

    resilience will be about trying to get the very best out of the time they have left to them. your comment here. i think this is what i am trying to do with my brother. making sure he has every oppurtunity before the dreaded end nears closer

  9. being resilient is also something we must work hard at. It doesn’t just happen and it’s definitely and attitude of an overcomer type personality. If we want to overcome adversities in our life, we have to learn the true meaning of resilience. Great Post Michael.

    Sherline 😀

    • Michael says:

      Hi Sherline, Thanks for commenting and helping to expand my post on “Resilience.” Have another great week and Best Regards !!!

  10. Sometimes resilience is just coping with that which we have no control…true some are better equipped than others, sadly. It’s a;ways refreshing to come and visit your page…always so much diversity here. I hope your week is bright and light!!

    Peace to you

    • Michael says:

      I agree with what you mentioned on resilience. Let’s stay resilient and keep doing what we do best, okay? Regards!!!

  11. evea192 says:

    Michael, this post is of great help. And to my rays of light, one hell of a comment.

  12. stuartart says:

    Hi Michael, I stumbled across your site and it stopped me in my tracks! I talk all the time about the 2 most important ‘skills’ anyone can hone: Resourcefulness and Resilience. With these 2 attributes we can accomplish anything, endure anything, overcome all obstacles and succeed. We are on the same page my friend. 🙂

    • Michael says:

      Hi Stuart, Many thanks for visitng and leaving a word behind. You have a great week and stay resourceful/resilient !!!

  13. Bonnie says:

    Wonderful advice, Michael. I hope your week is full of happiness and blessings. 🙂

  14. bwebbjr says:

    Like what you have written here Michael … I have been learning a lot about resilience in my battle with cancer. Thanks for the post my friend!


    • Michael says:

      Thanks for the share Bernie. I trust you are on your way for a full recovery. Take good care of your self and God Bless.

  15. Read this yesterday and loved it. Read it again today and love it even more. Brilliant post.

  16. I like that you give perspective in this piece; i.e. how different resilience is for one person in a certain circumstance vs. another in, well, another. If we all had more perspective, our viewpoint would become larger instead of narrower when we’re up against the stiffest challenges in life. Nice post, Michael.

  17. Sue Bock says:

    Michael you’ve brought it out with MJ’s song. He was amazingly resilient while in the spotlight. Sadly, as we know, it all became too much for him. Others in similar situations may have made different decisions. Resilience takes courage to keep going. Well done Michael.

    Sue Bock

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