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More Than Money, The World Needs ……

Everyone, no matter how poor, can give something. We can give a loving thought, a sweet word, a radiant smile, a moving song, a helping hand any of which may bring comfort to a broken heart. more than money, the world needs love and sympathy. ~ J. P. Vaswani.


  1. Jeannie says:

    this is so true Michael. Many are living in emotional poverty. I do believe Mother Teresa had something to say about this too. xoxox

    • Michael says:

      I agree with you Jeannie – so many are in emotional poverty. Trust you are looking after your self well. Warmest Wishes and Best Regards !!!

  2. …and sometimes poor can give even more than the rich… Thanks Michael!

  3. If you give what you have, then you will have what you give

  4. Desiray says:

    The world needs more than money because money is not going to save your soul..Only Jesus will do that.

  5. rosaanna73 says:

    A caress, a touch or just a word could have really a great value! I’m completely agree with you Michael: sometimes the actions of some people make this life really worth to live. Once again, you give us sometimes to think about . Thanks a lot! 🙂

  6. Coming East says:

    Wish more people thought of what they could give than what they can get. Great quote, Michael. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.

  7. EXACTLY. I was just having this conversation with an elder friend just the other day. If you have money, SHARE it (although most who do, don’t). If you don’t, share what you have – your food, your talents, your love. It all counts. It all works.

  8. Reblogged this on Namaste Consulting Inc. and commented:
    Lovely Michael! Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. Baku Kadampa says:

    So true ~ what’s money compared to the power of love?

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  11. AMEN ♥

    God Love You! Have a Great Weekend!

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