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Peace Of Mind.


Sometimes, thinking too much about our future can disrupt our peace of mind,

Anxiety about the future can take over, affecting our decisions and our enjoyment of life.

You see, peace of mind is a precious as well as elusive sense of contentment. I mean, if we look for it, we would not find it. It will only come to us when our mind is still and empty of negative emotions.

So never forget to be nice to yourself at least once a day. Do, say or think of something that will make you happy, joyous, inspired, satisfied or just feeling good ……… Because the soul needs constant nourishment in order to stay happy.

Ever wonder why an optimist is so good at finding peace of mind?

This is because they choose to overlook the negative events and can only remember or recall the positive aspects of past events better. Besides, they take action to resolve any differences with others rather than allowing the bad feeling to linger, escalate or eat away their peace of mind.

A frightened person is always defensive. A discouraged person is always nervous. Hostility is simply aggressive expression of despair and heartache …….. Understand this and it becomes a lot easier for us to be tolerant.

Wishing you the very best in all that you are undertaking, engaging or even dreaming of ……..




  1. and wishing you the very best, too…

  2. Marty says:

    be here, now, present, empty of thought without doubt or worry and life explodes with opportunity.

    Very nice

    We can let emotions flow on through. wake up in a bad mode oh we’ll let it fade and be here to experience all of life.

    We think way to much. Our minds are wasted thinking. Empty them and be here

  3. bibuji says:

    I had just been so irritated by a small trouble, I might have been too nervous. Then I found your post and felt so saved. Now I have a cup of coffee to “be good to myself.” Thanks a lot! It’s good to have an advice from a friend.

  4. Annie says:

    Reblogged this on LUPUS CHRONICLES and commented:
    Sometimes we may be caught up with everyday aches and pains and things MUCH more serious, or having that MRI, being hospitalized. But we always need to keep our ‘eyes on the prize’ and realize that we CAN affect out lives with illness, by decreasing our anxiety about an unknown future (easier said than done) and increasing out optimism about life in general. We cannot give in to despair!

  5. Annie says:

    So true, this reminds me of the self-fulfilling prophecy and how we can overcome hardships in our lives with attitude adjustment.

  6. EllaDee says:

    Great post. It’s a fine thing when you achieve that peace of mind, even sometimes the hard way and then thinking ok I survived that, I can survive anything! The G.O. & I have many chats together speculating about the future, and I’m sure even more in our own heads but we always say ‘this is just conversation” to put it in perspective.

  7. I agree, Annie. Sometimes we might be living a self fulfilling prophecy. But, when we are open to honesty and accountability for our own stuff…we identify it as such and then work to counter it. This is where the attitude adjustment comes in, right?
    Michael, peace of mind is elusive. You’re exactly right. Sometimes peace of mind might be raining down on – plentiful. Other times, peace of mind is as elusive as the white tiger. Thank you for reminding me not to take peace of mind for granted, and for the enlightenment that thinking of the future could be the thing that robs you of that. I have to say, that had never crossed my mind. But it makes such perfect sense. You’ve done it again. Goodnight from Canada! I have to go and catch 6 hours sleep and wake up to a new and wonderful week!

  8. sparkylaurie says:

    How true…sometimes its best to put our minds on hold and just savor the fresh air….That meal looks inviting!…yum! šŸ™‚

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for writing Laurie. I agree with you on my post and about the meal – bacon and chicken with some black beans and mashed potatoes as side dish. Yummy good !!! Have a great week my friend.

  9. faithfulrealist says:

    Sitting here reading this at 5 in the morning. Up since 3 am. Just posted on twitter “Peace of mind……….. Elusive tonight” And this is just what I needed to hear. I appreciate the message and whatever it was that directed me to it. Great post

  10. Visionkeeper says:

    Yep….Gotta stay in the now and all will be well. It takes some some work but the end result is wonderful. Have a good holiday Michael and pray for peace…. VK

  11. If we first treat ourselves kindly then we can have the positive energy to pass it on to others. Well said, Michael.
    Happy Memorial Day …….!!!

  12. Genie says:

    This is great! I work hard to retain my positive attitude – it is so worth the effort.

  13. Wayne Augden says:

    Very well said, Michael. šŸ™‚

    • Michael says:

      Happy Morning Wayne ….. Wishing you a great week fill with positive energy and peace of mind. Stay great and God Bless.

  14. Ron says:

    Positively divine!

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Ron. Stay happy and have a great week !!!

        • Michael says:

          Cheers !!!

          • Annie says:

            Thank you so much, Michael. It is hard to maintain a + attitude with health (or ANY kind of challenges), but it is do much worth it. Who could have imagined a year ago, when this blog was conceived, that it would have 12,000 hits in one year. Thanks to the bloggers like you who convey messages that need to be in the story of a person with lupus (OR WITH LIFE!) my blog reached 12000 hits in a year. That may be chump change to you, but to me 12,000 is a wonder!

            • Michael says:

              Hey Annie, It’s great to have you back again. You know, when I started blogging, that was my target as well. Keep posting and keep excelling. I trust you are doing fine. God Bless.

  15. Right on time, Michael! Great post as always!

  16. molly98 says:

    Amazing it is how I feel. Thank you I needed. That!

  17. evea192 says:

    Glad i came here, thanks for sharing this.

  18. Peace of mind is such a high commodity these days! We need it so much!

    • Michael says:

      I agree. Wishing you another week fill with peace of mind. Thanks for visiting and best regards !!!

  19. Coach Sue says:

    First of all…YUMMY! I just ate dinner and now you have me hungry again. Second of all, peace mind is found in the present not in the future. You can find it on occasion when you still your mind. You can also find it when you stay in the present and plan for the future. No expectations.

    Sue Bock

  20. wow. i’ve never felt like i was meant to read a single blog post so much. totally perfect. i love this. both for my work & in my personal life. thank you so much. so true. so true

  21. colourtheday says:

    Peace of mind is not what most people have as todays target as they get out of bed. What if they did? People would greet each other with a smile, problems we now spend hours solving would vanish before appearing, we would have energy to be compassionate and help those needing it, and really know, that somewhere the sun is shining, and the earth is such a wonderful place.
    Great post, thanks:) And thanks for visiting my blog:)
    Wishing you a peaceful day! Add some colour:)

  22. Thanks for the reminders!

  23. leverage1408 says:


  24. leverage1408 says:

    Really ,I love this one šŸ™‚

  25. perezpatty77 says:

    Your words are so true. thanks for sharing this awesome insight!
    “A frightened person is always defensive. A discouraged person is always nervous. Hostility is simply aggressive expression of despair and heartache ā€¦ā€¦.. Understand this and it becomes a lot easier for us to be tolerant.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. You have a pleasant day !!!

    • Annie says:

      ā€œA frightened person is always defensive. A discouraged person is always nervous. Hostility is simply aggressive expression of despair and heartache ā€¦ā€¦.. Understand this and it becomes a lot easier for us to be tolerant.”

      We not only have to understand, but we have to KNOW, to incorporate those words into our very being. A big task, but one that will make all situations more desirable.

  26. Julianna says:

    When we hold a vibration on fear, it is fearful situations that come to us. When we hold a vibration of Love, it is loving situations that come to us. Glad you found and liked my blog, and I trust it will offer inspiration as you turn around to offer the same to all your readers! Light and Peace to you – Julianna

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