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Your Have A Choice.


“It takes courage to realize that you are greater than your moods, greater than your thoughts, and that you can control your moods and thoughts.”
~ Stephen Covey.

Change is always for the better. I reckon, why many people resist change is because their new or improved version is not aligned or consistent with the way they come to view themselves.  The funny thing about change is, it is mainly perceptions. Things do not really change. But, our attitude and our perceptions is changing all the time.

You see, accepting and making adjustments to change is necessary especially when situations gives us no alternatives but to embrace change. Making adjustments is not passive. All that is required of us is to be patient. And to slow down our thoughts as we face our day-to-day challenges.

I agree, to get going when times are tough and challenging has never an easy one. However, with some flexibility it can be a lot lighter and easier. Say, we can choose to re-frame our feelings under those uncomfortable situations, conditions or circumstances. It could work the other way. We can possibly get the most out of our uncomfortable situations, conditions or  circumstances and bring out our hidden talents and abilities as well.

I believe, to understand is to be open to learning. We usually observe what others are doing. But, seldom look at ourselves and find out what is going inside us. As a matter of fact, we should. Not with the aim to punishing ourselves but, to check and balance our thoughts, actions and words. Or, what should be the correct response needed from us.

You have a choice ………….. Change your choice of thoughts. Change the way you think and you can change your life. The thoughts you choose to think are the tools you can use to create a beautiful painting of your life.

Have a great day and God Bless.



  1. Hi Michael.
    In my professional work I have to do lots of “change counselling”. Change is, like you say, almost universally for the better; but is very difficult, at least initially, to embrace.
    Every single change, no matter how large or small, involves the participants (or victims, if you like!) going through the ‘change-cycle’… First Denial (this couldn’t possibly be happening…), then Anger (usually directed at who/whatever is perceived as being responsible), then Grief (sorrow, tears, etc), and then, finally, Change. Sadly this is not a linear journey, neither is there any prescribed timeline for how long it will take to complete. Different individuals will cycle back and forth around the phases in whatever way works best for them.
    It does, however, help to know about the four stages and to have an awareness of where you might be in the process. This helps because it provides a small insight into what might be coming next (or has been skipped!) and, ultimately, helps individuals to push forward and find out what new and exciting things might be around that next corner! 🙂
    Cheers and hope you don’t mind me sharing! Anthony

    • Michael says:

      Hey Anthony, Thank You for sharing your valuable insight with us. You have added so much depth for the benefit of those reading this post. The subject on change is universal. Every one is involved directly or indirectly. It brings along fear, resistance, threat and so on. But, difficult to implement as well because change is very often not well supported or accepted by those involved. Thanks once again Anthony. You have a great day !!!

  2. “Sometimes the way out, Is to grow in.” I saw this somewhere. Thanks!

  3. You’ve written an extremely insightful post, Michael. Your views on change and the difficulties in approaching change are on point. It is difficult to change. I think that sometimes fear can play a little part in there, too. The unknown can be very frightening which can paralyze people into resisting the inevitablity of change.
    I read Anthony’s comment … I was under the impression that the four change cycles he is speaking of were for those in the process of grief. I can see it working for change as well.
    Have a Blessed Day .. Isadora

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Isadora. Change is never easy. More often an external factor imposing it. Rather than a voluntary infernal effort within the broader aspect of change. You have a great day with plenty of choices to spend your day. Regards !!!

  4. Great insightful article, Michael. Professionally, I too, help people with change. The change process and the grieving process are often very similar, if not one in the same. This is because change involves loss. Think about it, even the most welcomed change involves losing something. To what extent, the person grieves the loss can range dramatically. Resistance to change does involve fear of the unknown, too. Many times people will remain in miserable situations rather than tolerate the temporary anxiety that comes with change. This pre-change anxiety is often much more difficult than the actual change itself. Thanks again for sharing your great article.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for sharing your insight with us, Kristin. Very true. Have a wonderful day and keep excelling !!!

  5. stuartart says:

    We’re singing from the same hymn sheet my friend! 🙂

  6. Visionkeeper says:

    Fear of change is the fear of the unknown…What exactly are we changing into? Where will this change take me? Who will I be? The only way to accept change is to TRUST! Trust all will be well and move forward and don’t look back or question. A good one Michael….. VK

    • Michael says:

      What a great insight VK !!!

      Trusting that change is always for the better and never for the worst. With “trust” in place, doubt is neutralised and the way forward is embracing change whole heartedly.

      Thanks for the share !!!

  7. Marty says:

    Change is what is happening constantly. Control is what we try to employ throughout life.

    That is a delusion because life has suffering and everything around us is impermanent. We wither and dieand are different each day.

    if we realize that control is a fallacy we would be more open to risk. Emotions we do not control however we can let emotions and feeling flow on through. Not identifying with things or judging things, situations and people affords us freedom.

    we have so many breaths before we wither. Know that life is in constant flux, those stuck in thought of the past resist change the most.

    They also waste the breaths they have.

    Remember a wasted day, a breath can never be regained. Everyday is new special, why miss it resisting change. it is inevitable and constant. Accept life as it is not as we think.

    Accept change as our challenge to,live fully.

    • Michael says:

      Hey Marty, Another wonderful insight. I particularly love the second last paragraph. Beautiful share my friend. Have a wonderful day and Thank You.

  8. Marty says:

    let me add a different take on the concept of loss. if we do not attach and judge things then loss can not happen. if we accept life has suffering and we wither and die, anything impermanent we attach or judge we own.

    if I do not judge my caror house or job or career is me, then no loss has happened. it comes down to what you value as happiness.

    grab impermanent things for your desires is what brings loss.

    You can lose many things but your opportunity and wholeness as a person are intact. manily I have learned we need to be free mentally. if I do not judge things but let them exist on their own, I am free to move forward without the baggage.

    A steady mind empty of thought focused on the breath opens up incredible opportunity.

    Loss of impermanent things happens constantly. A steady mind does not attach to thinks and situations so loss is at a minimal. Expectation and entitlement ruins our chances at happiness.

    maybe reconsider what you attach to and judge then loss will shrink.

    my main goal is to be here totally without doubt or worry to experience all of life. if you have loss and carry it you are wasting your life in the past.

  9. orples says:

    Change tends to be difficult for many people, due to that fear of the unknown, from what I’ve experienced. That is true, even if the change is for the better. I think the confidence of the person experiencing a change in their lifestyle and the circumstances of the change(s) taking place have a huge impact on the outcome of the transition, be it positive or negative. However, and again from personal experience, the less you fight change and learn to roll with the day at hand, the easier the transition. Why add hidden enemies?

    • Michael says:

      Very well said Orples. I agree. Generally, change is inevitable. But change is always attached with emotions, most of the time negative in nature. It disturb our peace of mind consequently anxiety slips in. Thus, managing change is a difficult endeavour. It requires tact, reassurance and follow through to be well implanted. Lastly, nice to have you sharing your insight once again !!!

  10. Desiray says:

    Good day Michal some people can’t accept change because they just love living in the same way and for me Change is a good thing, if a person would just learn to be open they will find themselves embracing it…instead of always fighting it..

  11. Then there are those of us that always desire change.
    Bring it about by any means possible.

    That too has it’s own challenges…

    Thank you very much for sharing, as always!

    God Love You ♥

  12. bibuji says:

    Indeed, I should not struggle to change something, but to change myself, yes! Have a nice day!

    • Michael says:

      I reckon changing something is very difficult. May not bring about the change you desire and consume a lot of your energy, which may yield better results if channeled elsewhere.

  13. Wayne Augden says:

    Thank you, Michael.

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