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Reflections On Father’s Day.


Words from a father to a son ……….

“If you can keep your head
when all about you
are losing theirs
and blaming it on you

If you can dream
and not make dreams your master.

If you can meet
Triumph and Disaster
and treat these two imposters
just the same

If you can fill the forgiving minutes
with sixty seconds worth
of distance run

YOURS is the earth
and everything thats in it
And what is more
You’ll be a MAN, my son.

~ Rudyard Kipling.

It gives me great joy to be back and given this opportunity to wish all fathers; “Happy Father’s Day.” !!!

After my short break, I thought it was fatigue due to the extremely hot weather here that made me felt very lethargic.  My body was aching and sleeplessness at night. In the middle of one night, I suddenly woke up and felt my body very hot. Then, fell asleep again. Next morning the fever subsided slightly and was very weak. Later, I was diagnosed as having a viral infection. However, with some medication, I am feeling better now.

As I conclude my post of the day, I would love to share these sweet words from a son to his father with you ……….

Dearest Papa,

How many times have I wanted
to tell you, “I love you.”
Yet, never seem to find
the right time
or, the right occasion.

How often have I felt grateful
for the many things
you taught me
the examples you set
the sacrifices you made.

I want you to know
that you are my hero
that I trust always
in your love.

You will always be
my most precious

Happy Father’s Day once again !!!



  1. Wayne Augden says:


    What a nice post! I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well, but I’m glad that you’re doing better. So good to have you back. I want to thank you for the nice comments, and the “likes.” Your support means a lot. Be well, brother, and I look forward to seeing your next post.

    • Michael says:

      Hey Wayne,

      The past few days before I realise it was a viral infection, I thought my days are very near. Very tired but cannot sleep well. My heart was weak. Loss of appetite and pain all over my body. Glad there is an improvement now. God is great. Take care brother and many happy returns of the day !!!

  2. Marty says:

    hey Michael nice post again and great sentiment.

    You know that I run a support blog for Childhood Complex PTSD. The ladies for the most part or a good percentage have been sexually assaulted by their fathers, uncles, brothers and fathers day assumes a much sinister darker event.

    All childhood trauma perpetrated by mom or dad creates low self images of us and family or maybe lack or any real family creates holes around holidays. It seems to isolate those who have not healed yet.

    Their is misplaced guilt and shame we grow up with.

    For me being healed, my feeling is that I have so many breaths on this earth and why waste thinking about past traumas when the beauty of now is before me.

    My being present allows me to celebrate your relationship and your journey as unique. I think we are more about our action than about thought.

    Amazing what practicing mindfulness can accomplish with letting things go and exist in their own. I see my abuse and accept it and know that I would not change a bit.

    This is a journey not a destination. challenges and suffering will be around until we move on from this world. be here enjoy all the miracles if the mind is empty of thought and doubt and worry have gone.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Marty. I know you have a great blog and I am an ardent follower as well. Keep up with the good work and Happy Sunday !!!

  3. bibuji says:

    Happy Father’s day…and I wish you’ll soon be all right!

  4. Sorry to hear you’ve not been well, and I hope you’re feeling better soon, Michael!

    • Michael says:

      Hey Anthony, Thank You. I am feeling better now. Hopefully, things can be better again. I will be going for a blood test in the middle of the week. You have a great and successful week ahead.

  5. Jeannie says:

    No fun being sick during your break! Hope you are feeling much better by now. xox

  6. Yvette says:

    Take Care, Viral infections always take time…hope you’re fighting fit soon. A great poem, we don’t celebrate Fathers Day here in Oz until September. I miss and think of my father every day! x

  7. Special words any Father would love to hear. They are at times not told enough how very much they appreciate the sacrifices they make for their families. Well done, Micheal.
    So soory you were ill – be well – sending friend hugs for continues recovery.

  8. meowmie says:

    Sorry you’ve been unwell.

    Thanks for these lovely words. I miss my father a lot. He died in 1996 and I wish he could have met my lovely daughter.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for the kind words my friend. I reckon there’s plenty of fond memories you can share with your daughter about your Dad. Stay optimistic !!!

  9. Colline says:

    Hope you have a wonderful Father’s day Michael.

  10. Glad you’re feeling better!

  11. You took the beautiful words right out of my mouth, My Dad’s wisdom has saved me and the wisdom he uttered in his not so many words, has allowed me to do the right thing, when I wanted to do the wrong thing (nothing). Men have just as hardeer times but they dont get to be macho and in touch with their feelings at the same time. I wish mothers would stop telling their sons to be brave, big boys dont cry, I feel the problems start here, though the sentence is meant to heal, the strongest love (a mothers) love, sometimes needs a bit of gender lessons. GOD bless my Dad, I honestly think he may be the best dad in thge world, and I have never doubted his love, he is also one of my Hero’s and half of my greatest gifts, my mum and my dad made me with equal impact, never let it be said that it was bad if ‘you’re the milkmans’…My Dad has been a milk-man all his life, he knew his shit I tell ya 😉 Happy Fathers Day to all the Pa’s in the world! Thanks for taking the words right out of my mouth and to My Dad, Ta for the heads up on tripping 🙂 Twas grand and epic, as predicted 🙂 Dawny xxx

  12. Happy Fathers Day to fathers everywhere. The fathers in my life are now gone.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Russell, Appreciate your kind thought and wish. My father is gone too. But left behind a very positive impact in me on how to live the best years in the rest of my life. I sense you will find it too. Happy living and enjoy the moment. Best regards !!!

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