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A Moment Please ……


“Fear less, hope more. Eat less, chew more. Whine less, breath more. Talk less, say more …. And more good things are yours.”
~ Swedish Proverb.

Oh, how time flies. And just like that, we are done with the first half of 2012.

As I post, it is only a matter of hours to watch who will prevail in the UEFA-EURO 2012.

Whether its going to be the red-shirted, all conquering Spain or the battle hardened, blue shirted Italy.

All will be revealed very soon ………. What do you think, can Balotelli and Pirlo pull another rabbit out of the hat?

Have another great month and a happy Sunday !!!



  1. Desiray says:

    Interesting my friend..Have a great day today

  2. The year is fleeting and yet we continue for there is more to come.
    Blessings …..

  3. bibuji says:

    Shoot less, pass more…and Spain has won. Did you enjoy the match?

    • Michael says:

      I enjoyed the match. Yesterday, Spain proved to be a better team. It wasn’t the day for my blue shirted team. Regards !!!

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