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A Wish For You !!!


Happy Morning !!!

“May all your current
undertakings and success
be the beginning of
tomorrow’s achievements.”

Are you the easy-going type who always agree with what is going on around you?

Or, are you used to following somebody blindly? Always agreeing with all they have to say without stopping to think about them yourself.

And, are you leading others? Say; as a parent, as a boss, or as a head of some organisation or department.

You see, anyone can talk about being a leader ………. not everyone can actually do it. Being a leader is also a privileged position. This is because you not only have to look for your own needs, but for the needs of others. But, what kinds of examples are you setting for them?

Oh, why am I writing this? I am supposed to wish you;

“May all your current undertakings and success be the beginning of tomorrow’s achievement” 

then share Todd Blackledge’s six W’s, with you. I qoute, 

“Work will win when wishing won’t.” 

I believe all of us are capable of giving those following us the proper instructions on how to act. But, be mindful, many times they learn a great deal by the way we behave.

Congratulations and have another meaningful week !!!



  1. Happy morning to you too, Michael! Lead on, my friend…

  2. My dear brother your article is very nice. as a matter of fact we are for tomorrow, child for today, depressed for yesterday. all steps are for tomorrow. very nice presentation. visit my site http://advocatemmmohanaksharaalu.wordpress.com
    with regards

  3. Bonnie says:

    Another inspiring post that I thoroughly enjoyed – have a great week!!

  4. Desiray says:

    That is one thing I have never been was to follow what others do..I am a leader….great post Michael..have a bless day

  5. Jane Thorne says:

    Have a great week my friend 😀

  6. Bless your heart of gold… Thanks for the wonderful wishes.. Like wise

  7. Chatter Master says:

    Great reminder of our abilities!

  8. Meowmie says:

    Ah, these are wise words, Michael! I reminded myself many times when I was feeling low after being widowed that “The things that will help you the most are found at the ends of your arms!” Yes, hard work and using your hands will keep you moving and achieving.

  9. EllaDee says:

    If you don’t lead anyone else you can at least lead yourself, and do it well 🙂

    • Michael says:

      Ella, “Thank You” I missed this – your point. So it’s true, “two heads are better than one.” 😄

  10. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for visiting Life With Hiccups today. I published my post prematurely on my iPhone. Be sure to go back to read the final piece. Great post here. I believe true leaders should show their authentic self while leading. When people can see themselves in their leaders…leaders who are normal humans who make mistakes, set goals, and work hard everyday…leadership works! Some leaders use an iron fist and bring with them a…BEEN THERE, DONE THAT kind of attitude. Using intimidation and having a `know it all` attitude just waters down ones ability to lead. I LOVE your final quote. Have a wonderful day!

  11. khurshidetasawwuf says:

    hope you visit my blog


  12. This is a loaded post! Because I wonder how many people realize that we do learn best through example – think of children! Parents who say ‘do what I say, not as I do’ end up with extremely rebellious adolescents. Kids have good radar, and know when we are not in our integrity.

    I guess ‘good’ leaders most certainly lead by example – we not only ‘hear’ them, but we ‘feel’ and ‘see’ them. ‘Bad’ leaders (think Hitler) spout platitudes, demand obeisence and obedience, but rarely are admired or respected. I guess we need to choose what kind of leader we wish to be.

    Peace, Michael. Good thoughts.

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