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When life becomes a problem much too great for us to bear ……

When your nervous network
becomes a tangled mess,
Just close your eyes in silent prayer
And ask the Lord to bless
Each thought you are thinking
and each decision you must make
As well as each word you speak
and every step you take —
For only by the grace of God
can you gain self-control.
And only meditative thoughts
can restore your peace of soul.
Instead of trying to escape,
let us withdraw in prayer —
For withdrawal means renewal
if we withdraw to pray
And listen in the quietness
to hear what God will say.

I reckon we agree sometimes in life, things happens that are beyond repair. Say, the loss of a loved one, a debilating illness, going through a horrible divorce or break-up, the aftermath of a violent crime, a crippling accident and so forth. You see, facing and processing some of these unpleasant emotional strain without having us to cave-in to self-pity and bitterness certainly requires enormous courage.

In facing the daily noise of life, courage empowers us to cope better. Courage is needed in our lives, from beginning to end. Like most people, we can be easily frightened too. In fact, the more intelligent you are, the more frightened you are. So courage does not necessarily mean we are not scared out of our wits – it just mean doing what is right, in spite of being afraid.

Opportunities to be courageous pop-up all around us every day. Size is irrelevant. Having courage enable us to stand out and live large. Do not go through life avoiding your emotional pain. Or you may possibly end up jamming more negative stuffs into your self. Locate your bad feelings and ask God for the courage to see what these feelings are indicating and let Him heal.

Warmest wishes and best regards everyone !!!



  1. Amen!! I just shared about Courage on my latest FB status…keep up the good writing! God bless!

  2. Wayne Augden says:

    Well said, Michael. Thank You.

  3. slklesko says:

    Life isn’t always easy and sometimes we need a lot of courage to face our pain and grow from it. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. “Opportunities to be courageous pop-up all around us every day. Size is irrelevant.” This grabbed my attention. I thought immediately of the big things that God’s given me to shoot for in my life, things that take courage. In a way, I realized, all courage is the same: It is choosing to have faith in God’s ability to take me through anything and the confidence to take risks that enable me to do more for (and with) Him.

    Your thoughts made a difference. Thanks!

  5. Desiray says:

    Good morning Michael thanks for liking my post today…I love this post when it comes to courage because we must be have courage in order to do anything if we don’t we end up getting robbed by the best of the things for our lives. AMEN

    • Michael says:

      Happy Morning Desiray. Trust you are feeling courageous on this, Saturday morning. You have a wonderful weekend and blessings !!!

  6. bibuji says:

    Let us withdraw in prayer and listen to God’s whispering. Yes, I’ll really do. Amen.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my posts. I’ll look forward to reading your posts! Blessings-

  8. Thank you Michael..Your first paragraph immediately inspired a poem, which is tentatively titled:

    “Do Not Walk Alone”

    When life’s problems seem to be
    too much for you to bear,
    close your eyes a moment
    and whisper a silent prayer.
    To ask the Lord for guidance
    in decisions you must make,
    and show to you the right path
    for the steps, that you must take.
    ~Jack Downing~
    Coming soon to a blog near you..
    See you are inspirational in many ways Michael..
    God Bless and have a great day.

  9. Bonnie says:

    Definitely good advice, Michael – I benefit daily from your words of wisdom. Thank you for that, and blessings to you my friend.

  10. StHaelRazor says:

    This is really good. It touched my heart, but you always do. I know that you probably have had a dozen of these but nevertheless I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award http://sthaelrazor.com/2012/08/14/very-inspiring-blogger-award/ I would be sincerely honored by your acceptance. After all how could I not think of you??? Zor’ra

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for the nomination, Zo’ora. I am wordless now ……… thanks once again. Have a great moment and God Bless.

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