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Happy Living ……

Everyone can be happy …… As a matter of fact, all of us are born with the ability to be happy. So however happy or unhappy you are, you can be happier.

However, each of us may have a slightly different path to happiness.

You see, as we go through the path of life, we could have picked up some unhelpful ways of thinking and acting that make us feel bad along the way. Over time, these unhelpful thinking and acting have reinforced and affect our brain chemistry which in turn continues the pattern of our thought. But there is a lot more than to feeling good ……

“Free your mind from anxiety.”


  1. That cake looks awfully good, Michael…! 😛
    No calories there, I’m sure….!?!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmm…I’m not a big fan of cake, but I do LOVE frosting!

    • Michael says:

      Mmmmmmmmm …… Happiness is like having a buffet, you have a choice to pick what you like. Happy living 😊

  3. If we let ourselves reflect our happiness in Red Velvet cake, there will be a much larger us, being happy.. So I guess even happiness must be taken with moderation..lol

    • Michael says:

      You have a point, Jack. Moderation –
      We cannot have the cake and it it. The spirit is in sharing. Happy living !!!

  4. I think it takes a great deal of work on our inner self to stay happy. The work is well worth our time as only we can make ourselves happy. Loving ourselves comes first.

  5. Marty says:

    What fires together wires together, what we ignore fades, current neuroscience findings.

    Where we place our attention brings electricity and blood to that part of the mind and grows. The attention we withdraw from say a thought then fades more and more each day without attention.

    Seems simple and it is but very powerful.

    The old adage your perception is reality has validity to it.

    Thanks Michael very nice and powerful idea.

  6. We can focus on the good things we have or we can focus on the bad. The choices are always ours to make.
    Blessings, Michael, wise words.

    • Michael says:

      Happiness is a state of mind. As such, we have the ability to make a shift in our thinking. Happy living Isadora. 😊

  7. That’s simple yet great advice! It’s so true. It’s all about our thoughts 🙂 Let’s choose to think happy!

    • Michael says:

      Once we understand how we unconsciously input the incorrect thoughts and actions into our brain chemistry, we can work on changing what make us not feeling happy. And anxiety is one of those little stuff, holding us back at times. Happy living and God Bless.

  8. eof737 says:

    Well said Michael … and that red velvet cake looks delicious! 😉

  9. Victor Ho says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Red velvet cake…mmmm. All the best to you.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Victor, welcome to my blog and thanks for leaving some words behind. I love visiting whenever I have time. And glad to discover yours. Happy living, Victor 😊

  10. Clowie says:

    How am I supposed to concentrate on your words, when my eyes are drawn to that cake all the time!

  11. Coach Sue says:

    Yummy looking cake and yes there is baggage that can come with it.

    Sue Bock

    • Michael says:

      Happy Evening Sue, like the cake, happiness can be yummy for our mind, body and soul too. Happy living and God Bless.

  12. Zahra Batool says:

    couldnt agree more with you! all of us can hav happiness! its inside us. just a matter of finding it.

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