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Revisiting: Can Money Buy Love?

“Love without money is difficult” or “Money without love is useless?”

The past weekend was simply wonderful. Met up with some old friends at Starbucks and after a brief exchange of greetings, our get-together began to liven-up when Fred (who looked a little upset that afternoon) asked; “Hey, what do you fellows think, can money buy me love?”

You see, Fred is in his early 40s and is a civil engineer by training. Fred is a refined bachelor and have been going steady with a young lady for some time. However, in the recent months, we heard the fire of love in them has been less intense and cold. So when Fred raised that question, all of us were taken aback and dumbfounded.

Like me, all those present must have been thinking on their feet the same question. “How could I tactfully handle his question – without having to rub salt to his wound?” There was a long silence, then, Julie, a teacher, looked at us before turning towards Fred’s direction and confidently responded with a loud “Yes.”

She then paused before proceeding to say, “Money can buy love.” Now, all of us were stunned by her response. Our eyes were focused at her and our ears were waiting for more …… “Look, some businesses have proven that …… Their sales are always at the peak during Valentine’s Day” she continued.

“Oh …… what a brilliant and tactful answer to Fred’s tricky question,” I told myself. And from Fred’s body language, I  could read he was happy with what Julie had said and those words may have warmed his aching heart a little. Then, there was a grin of sadness from Fred’s macho-looking face. I sensed he could have some regret for not taken the initiative to rekindle his fire of love on Valentine’s Day.

By then, Nicholas, who have a chain of fine dining restaurants in town chipped in; “I agree. I agree with Julie. I had a big jump in reservations on Valentine’s Day.” Immediately his remark opened the floodgates. Mary smilingly told us her chocolates and gifts were completely sold-off on that afternoon. And Alan’s wife, Jessica, who owns a florist shop next door confirmed she too enjoyed brisk business on Valentine’s Day too.

Then, Frank threw in some jokes, got up and did his Beatles act; “I’ll buy you a diamond ring if it makes you feel alright. I’ll get you anything my friend it it makes you feels alright. Cause I don’t care to how much a money” and stopped right there. Fred and the rest of us were already smiling and having cheered-up our good friend, it was an opportune time for us to move into another topic.

Can money buy love?

That was the question I kept asking myself as I drove home after the get-together. 

Possible or simply not possible?

And is there any connection between money and love?

What is your take on this?

Warmest wishes and blessings to all of you.



  1. The book, The Five Love Languages, immediately comes to mind. It may depend on the values and love language of the one on the receiving end. Can money buy love? For some- I suppose. For others- affection, acts of service, and words of affirmation may be enough. Great post.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Kristin, I have came across this book. “The Five Languages Of Love..” I agree with the “values” and “love language” you mentioned. Thanks for sharing Kristin and have another great day today !!!

  2. hotelgoddess says:

    in my humble opinion, money cannot buy love. people are frivilious in thinking otherwise. while everyone loves being showered with admiration,, flowers, gifts and dining, your soul and heart are empty. I stayed in a relationship for money for a long time and at the realization it was not love, I was left with a deep seeded anger and emptiness for a long time. I was resentful to myself for my shallow behaviour. be patient, there is love for everyone out there.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for the beautiful insight. (LOL) Coming from the hospitality industry, you know very well “Valentine’s Day” is celebrated. Love without money is difficult, especially on Valentine’s Day, don’t you think so? And, thanks for telling us there is love for everyone out there – you are very right in saying this. Regards !!!

  3. Mr. Miller says:

    Whenever I hear this question, I’m reminded of an episode of “Married with Children”

    Al: “Quick, Bud. What’s more important, money or love?”
    Bud (shocked at being asked): “Well, money. You can always RENT love.”

  4. teddlangtree says:

    The greatest aphrodisiac in the world … money lol

  5. Money might be able to influence the “love”, but if the money runs out will there be any love left? There are a lot of people in debt and bankrupt whose love is overflowing for each other. I choose love over money any day!

    • Michael says:

      Very well said. Thanks for sharing. But, like I’ve mentioned earlier, love without money is difficult, especially in our world today. I will share my take in my next posting. Happy living and God Bless.

  6. Marty says:

    Money can not buy anything that is permanent. Many have tried to control life with money without success.

    What do we desire that money can buy, that lasts or is permanent.

    Nothing I can see. Happiness does not seem to occupy space about money

  7. While perhaps money can’t buy love..It certainly can make a person more attractive and entertaining, to say the least..

  8. sistertosister53 says:

    Hi! Michael..good morning. I just got home, to check my email and I see your topic for today. I wanted to see what does Michael have to share with us all today. I truely like the topic. I had to set back and smiled, and then laughed as well. I wanted to real think what I was going to say about it. You right in this day and time it seems like some people has put money on the very top of the list. I know that we do have to have money to be that what we need. I must say that we must have some balance, knowing first what (True) love is…and what (Money) is. It’s not to me the size of the gift..you can buy the material and make it yourself. Still it will take money to buy all that you will be needing to make example that speical card for the one you love. And hoping that they have balance as well for what that person did what they did because of their (True) love that they have for them. It’s not how much money you spend its about how much of your love that you have to give to that speical person that you Truly love. Ok I shared my thought; I look forward to read what you will share with us in your next message. God bless you…and thank you for this message. 🙂 Agape! 🙂

  9. Colline says:

    I think it depends on what type of love you are talking about. True love need not be bought. But love that is around when the money is around, will always surface. If the love is there through richer or poorer, then you know that it is the true love that is spoken of in Corinthians 13.

    • Michael says:

      Wow …… Those are very valid points, Collin. Thanks for sharing. Very true and frank words indeed. Happy living !!!

  10. Kourtney Heintz says:

    I think money can purchase the trappings of love. You can lavish money on someone and they will act interested in what you say. They will show you affection. They may say they love you. But love when it’s real and true is something that comes from within a person. I don’t think you can buy that.

  11. Miriam Miles says:

    What an interesting topic Michael! Such insightful comments too 🙂 I was hoping that your friend who said that money can buy love, was going to counter that with ‘but….’ I agree with the statement ‘money can buy love’ however, there are many grey areas to consider. Firstly, what does a person define as ‘love’, in the first place? As Kristin mentioned, depending on how you receive that wonderful message ‘I am loved’ in your heart, will depend on how you perceive the use of money or material gifts in regard to the question.
    Incidentally, I am a ‘gifts’ person with the Love Languages (awesome book!) and my husband realised this some time ago and often buys me gifts for no apparent reason. The fundamental thing is this – his gift, provided with money, is a lovely thing and makes my heart feel awesome and enables me to respond to his affection and generosity. But the money is not what ‘buys’ him my love. It’s the simple fact that he cares enough to find an excellent way to send that message that I need to hear: ‘I love you’. That’s what the money does. Gives him the pathway that works for me. He, on the other hand, loves it when I spend time with him and provide physical touch, things like a massage for his feet or neck, etc, giving him my full attention and catching a train to the city and walking around with no particular agenda: when I do these things with him, he feels my love.
    Sorry it’s a long winded response 😛 But to recap, I think it’s all about how we perceive ‘love’ in the first place and I hope that your friend can find what it is that helps his girlfriend understand she is loved by him. Once he does, trust me, it will rekindle the passion. We’ve been married for 18 years and it just keeps getting better 😀
    Thanks for the opportunity to respond to such a great blog 😀

    • Michael says:

      Hi Miriam, Welcome and thanks for sharing with us your insight. Very wise words. I pray our younger generation can take heed the frank insights given by all my visitors. Thanks for the share and happy living !!!

  12. lesliegaga says:

    Hi Michael. I feel like a complete babe in the woods blogging here. But, since I just started my very “unprofessional” blog on subjects like this, I thought I’d give my two cents worth.

    My response to this is a flat out NO. It makes me sad to see, mostly men, get used by gold-diggers. I have an ex who’s still my friend and we were on this subject just a couple days ago. He makes very good money but I left him at the peak of his earning potential because he fooled around while he was working overseas. Long story. I’m over it now, mostly because I had my own life and was able to just walk away from the betrayal. But, I warned him, begged him, not to even hint that he makes well over 6 figures when he starts dating. I know, because I’m a woman, how women hunt for men. I wish women weren’t so superficial but many are. I think many men are to blame though because they go after women for their looks. So, in a way, they’re also selling out. I do think that these are the main reasons relationships fail.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Leslie, Glad to have you here with us and sharing a personal experience. Appreciate your participation. Welcome to blogging, you see, I was new to this blogging thing some years back too. Feel free and I look forward to welcoming you back in the not too distant future. God Bless.

  13. Maybe money can buy time. Time and maybe a little sex, maybe a little satisfaction and/or gratitude. But long-term? It’s not been my experience that money outrightly buys love in this life. Disappointment, yes. Enduring love? I don’t think so.

    • Michael says:

      I agree money can buy time. With the necessary attention ….., time may improve things. In hindsight, one may lose out in the longer term. Regards !!!

  14. We are free to express our love in spending money, but I don’t believe that we can buy love with money. Simply because love cannot be bought, for if it can, someone can take it away on higher price; loving for me is priceless!♥ It was FREE given to me by the Lord, so will I share it with others. 😉 Love can be gain through LOVING unconditionally. As the bible says: “We love Him, because He first loved us. 1John 4:19” 🙂

  15. LJ Innes says:

    Well, according to the Beatles, the answer is no – and really I think it all depends on the persons involved. It would be nice to think that money was never part of the love equation, but for some it is – for some it’s all of the equation – but I never judge, so to each his own. For me personally, while I’d love to have both money and love, I believe it’s absolutely possible to have one without the other – in fact, I think they should be two unique subjects and not likened to each other. Great question and great article.

  16. pennycoho says:

    Money is a medium of exchange to be used to purchase something. Love is an emotional reaction, a feeling, a passion cemented further by respect and honor. I don’t see the two having common ground. Apples and Oranges! Actually Apples and Nuts. I enjoy both independently of one another!

  17. Hi! I think that Great Love is not bought or sold for money, but a great love without money becomes a life without love.

  18. It’s a tricky question and the answer is depends on what person believes in, money can buy everything but not true love, it should be nurtured with commitment.

  19. Justine says:

    I repeat your own words,Michael: ‘Love without money is difficult.’
    And add my own: ‘Money alone without love is disaster’.

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