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The Power Of Your Smile.

Keep smiling ……

Your smile is a very powerful weapon;
you can even break ice with it.

Each time you smile, have you notice that it is true, someone, somewhere smiles back at you? ………. And come to think of it, sometimes, nothing on earth seem to make life more comfortable than the warmth and sunshine of a beautiful smile.

Express more. Smile more. And, have a happy Wednesday !!!

With Hindsight.

What a month it has been …………….. Just in the course of a month, so many things had happened. The good, the bad and the ugly.

I will remember the tremendous feeling of comfort, warmth and the heartfelt condolences offered to me and my family when I related; “What Happened Last Week.” I am deeply touched and humbled by the love, concern and thoughts shown by my community. With hindsight, “Caring Is A Loving Feeling” indeed. And it’s great to be acquainted with all of you. 

On another note, just a few days ago, it was sad and a terrifying experience to read about a very courageous and determined young lady managed to escaped an attempted kidnapping ordeal at a shopping complex one evening.

Birds ride the wind. Fish swim with the currents. The bamboo bends with the weight of the fallen snow. Man blends in with the curves and contours of the land. Every thing seems to follow the rhythms of nature. ……. All the time going with the flow. Are you?

I will be taking a short break in the next few days. To meditate and to recharge my depleting energy. I am looking forward to relaxing completely in a peaceful environment. Letting my mind drift lazily, my imagination flow and my thoughts wonder freely.

Have a happy, successful and wonderful new month everyone !!!

Caring Is A Loving Feeling.

“Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere when individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open and rules are flexible – the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family.” ~ Virginia Satir.

Further to my previous post, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for reading and leaving behind some very comforting words for me and my family. You see, caring is a loving feeling ……. And, I am humbled by your kindness, thoughts and concern.

“Thank You and have a great weekend.” !!!

What Happened Last Week.

Surfing the internet last Tuesday morning, I read about a jogger being mauled by a pit bull and was killed in less than four minutes. Then, in the evening, there was a brief news report on this incident. Like most people, I was shocked and saddened by the mishap.

By the time I finished reading the same article in the newspapers the next morning, something made me called my mother and relate this unfortunate incident to her. At that moment, I was wondering if the victim was her younger brother because they had the same surname and he was around that age as well.

She wasn’t sure and wanted to call her youngest brother if he have any information. So just before I hung up, I told her I will be calling her back to check on this. Immediately, she called her youngest brother. But, no one answered. Fortunately, she made another call and managed to speak with an auntie who reluctantly let the cat out of the bag.

Like others, the prospect of losing someone dearest to our hearts is a somber, almost untenable thought. Chocked with emotions she confirmed that this was her younger brother. My uncle and his family were already on their way to be with the victim’s family in this hour of pain and grief. After making some calls, I left everything aside and proceed to do what needs to be done immediately.

You see, all of us have lost touch with them for some forty years or so. I did not expect the jogger that was mauled by a pit bull was so closely related to us. He died at the scene after the dog bit him on the neck, face and with his right ear almost ripped off, at an age of 74 years.

More members of the family were informed of our uncle’s tragic death. Every one was taken aback and made their way back to pay their last respect gradually. By the morning of the funeral service, members of the family, including my mother, sister and brother-in-law had gathered to pay our last respect. Indeed, it was difficult and painful for us to accept his demise in an uncommon way. However, there were no alternatives except to look at the bigger picture. If I may add, his sacrifice generated much public awareness, especially on the handling of some difficult to manage species.

We may have strong imprints from the past. But, if we keep reminding ourselves of the pains of the past, most probably, we will end up fighting against each other and consequently everyone in the family will be destroyed. Do we need to punish ourselves like that? In this case, his sudden departure paved the way for his loved ones and other family members to let go the baggage they have been carrying for so long. With the Grace of God, every family member can now look forward to forging the bond that have been missing for so many years.

As I looked around those in attendance last Saturday, I saw faces that were extremely weary and sad. Some were tear strained. And it was an agonizing thing to watch one of his children crying uncontrollably. The thought that someday, I, too, will go through this ceremony was brought to my mind. I felt a painful stab into my heart. Then, I felt a lump in my throat swelling and as I tried swallowing the sad impression, I felt better when I think of Christians referring to a departed loved one as having, “gone home to be with the Lord.”

We struggle in this life with many uncertainties. We are never assured of anything except God. He is the one constant, unchangeable element in all things, the hope of all who trust in Him. God understand the anguish. What death has stolen will be replaced immeasurably by the good hand of our Lord. Our hope is not in this life but in eternity. Each sigh of grief will be replaced with the unspeakable joy of reigning, side by side, together with Christ forever ……….

Alone I Am Limited.

A goal, a love and a dream will give you total control over your body and life ………….

Perhaps, like you, I too wish to please and say; “Yes” to everyone at work all the time. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to several constraints. Being hardworking and dedicated can be beneficial. But, in many situations, the quality of our work tends to go down as we try to increase the quantity.

One of my dreams is to have balance and happiness in my life. I believe what I offer is what creates the quality of relationship with me. If I give my best, then the best comes to me.

Life is a long journey. Giving of the best is often selfless and unconditional. Be mindful, people take ten years to be elegant at anything, let alone be masterful. Give time to our young ones to bloom. Mutual help will only make the journey easier, happier, worthwhile, meaningful and more pleasant.

Recently in one of Beeca’s posts – “Given Unaware”  I came across an image of hands from various communities coning together to form an universe. It reminded me that alone I am limited. But together, we have created the conditions that we are living in. True friendship is to strive to lift people up. Not cast them down. To encourage and not discourage.

Like a flower that blooms and withers, like the sunrise and sunset, reality too is constantly changing …………….. Reality is simple if your mind is clear. Living a simple life is learning to appreciate what is available now. Enjoying and appreciating  what is available before this is gone one day.

A branch that bends can withstand great force. While a branch that is rigid and inflexible often snaps, even in the slightest breeze. When we are flexible, we are in a better position to achieve our maximum potentials for abundance, joy, empowerment and so forth by seeking all sources of wisdom.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day !!!

Random Thoughts On Ageing.

Are you satisfied with how you look?

Or, does your self-esteem revolve around your physical appearance?

To many people; “Youth means life and age means death.” Every year, millions are being spent by us on our bodies just to make us outwardly beautiful.

True beauty is not destroyed by age. True beauty is long lasting. It is not reflected in the physical features. But, in spiritual qualities, such as contentment, happiness and peace. And, it improve with the passage of time.

Growing older does not necessarily mean that it is time to sit back in our comfort zone. Growing old means that as we age, we grow. We learn. We discover new passions. New things that excite us and new wisdom. Unfortunately, the sad truth is, fear rob us our courage, enthusiasm and hope.

Learn to accept ageing as grace. Accept what you see in the mirror.  Be at peace with yourself as you let go of impossible self-imposed standards. Today, senior citizens can still create a life filled with new experience, inspiration, great achievements and become unstoppable again. The secret to a full life is to have no fear of death. So if you want to enjoy life, …………….. there is only one thing you can do, don’t get old, grow old.

While I was “Counting Blessings On A Beautiful Sunday” recently, Irene Lefort, a fellow blogger exclaimed; “The sixties are the new forties.” She is certainly right. Then, Inga Hel of Iceland explained, “The you inside has no age. He is the same age as he was born and he will stay that way to the end.”              

Seniors today have the power to change the world. With knowledge and understanding they can rid themselves of their fears of growing old. As Leigh Peters puts it, “It is when we start acting old, we start looking old.” So let go of your doubts and fears on growing older.

Age is a number that brings along tremendous benefits. “Right now, I love my life right here. I know more of myself than ever before. I feel better about simply “being myself” than ever before – that this is “enough.” It frees up all sorts of energy to explore and expand in ways I never dreamed possible when I was bound in trying to please the world” said the ever graceful Bela.

In hindsight, “Live With Hiccups” sums it up best; “Life passes by so very quickly. It can be very difficult to decide how to get the most out of it. Ironically, we often give our time to those things that are really less important.” Self-awareness empowers, energizes and motivates. It inspires us to achieve and allows us to take pleasure and pride in our achievements.

I love the way Sheila defined Age. She said; “Age is a journey for all of us, different chapters, different seasons, explanations, reasons, understanding. How true. Much as we would like to, we cannot be young forever. The good news is, we now share a broader, updated perspective and definition on ageing. As the Vision Keeper puts it; “Settle back and enjoy the journey.”

Happy growing …………. and Blessings. !!!

As We Age ……..

“We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present and future mingle and might pull us backward, forward or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.” ~ Anais Nin.

A Brief Update – I have been away for the past few days. Travelling to a few States with a group to bring some cheers and joy as the yuletide season draws closer. Visited many Homes of the old, less privileged and handicapped. The trip was hectic and it opened my eyes. I will be posting after some rest. Have a great day ahead. !!!

Be Patient, Don’t Quit Too Soon.

Success rarely comes overnight ………………..

As all of us can agree starting something new, be it a business, a dream or implementing a new undertaking and taking it all the way to success is not an easy task. At times, we may even find ourselves having to make a choice either hanging on with it or letting our dream die.

David had a big dream in his life.

He had a desire to make a difference in his life.

But, as a young man, David spent many years as a shepherd, caring for his father’s sheep.

I am sure there were plenty of times when David must have thought, “God, what am I doing here? There is no future in this place. When are you going to change this situation?”           

But, David understood God’s timing. He knew that if he would be faithful in obscurity, God would promote him at the right time. And, he knew very well that God will bring his dreams to pass in due season.

In hindsight, we know it is not easy to build something from scratch. And, like David, we may not really see any possibility our ideas or our dreams could happen. Most people don’t always understand God’s method. His ways don’t always make sense to us, but we have to realize that God sees the bigger picture.

Success rarely happen overnight. Be patient. Don’t quit too soon. God will bring it to pass in a split second of time. Have faith that one day all the pieces have to come together for it to be God’s perfect time. God will bring it altogether where it is God’s timing and all the forces can’t stop Him.

Just before I conclude this post, I wish to say “Hello” to everyone in Fitness First Rockville; “Don’t grow impatient too soon. Be patient. And, don’t quit too soon. Success rarely happen overnight. Time is on your side, if you don’t rush it. It takes plenty of courage, passion and last but not least, a positive vision to see our dreams come true. Continue dreaming your dreams. Keep excelling and achieving your dreams.” !!!