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Revisiting: My Take – Can Money Buy Love?

First and foremost, I believe there is no simple answer to this tricky question …… So as to which side is right, that depends on what kind of love one is looking for. Say if you are looking for love from a soul mate, then it is highly unlikely that it can be bought with money.

On the other hand, money does increase one’s chance of love. Money can help generate love. I mean generating the circumstances that are favorable for love as well as inducing the loving feeling in us. Money can improve our bargaining position and our attraction factor – the pull factor.

While love decreases the need for money is especially true when one is so deeply in love initially. At that moment, money can be of less significance. However, one will get to realize with the lack of money for his or her basic needs, their love could also be at risk. Thus, a lot more have to be addressed, put in place and properly synchronized before love can be considered as meaningful.

I believe money can lead us to love because love is something that is hardly disconnected from reality. In this day and age, money can help us find love. But, be mindful what we can expect and cannot expect from it. More money can probably lead to more stress and is less effective in bringing us the kind of love we want.

Love without money is difficult – I dread to think about it. It could be equally stressful as well. Consider the following frequently expressed statements; “Oh, it’s so difficult to love you when you’re earning so much less than me.” Or, “So much less than my good friend’s husband” and so forth.

As I conclude this posting, I wish to quote  “Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail.” – Richard Friedman. Can money buy love? At least not the kind of love I cherish …… That kind of love is priceless. I believe we should give from our heart and not our pocket. We should give love to the people around us as it is in giving we receive. Yes even in this day and age, where we can mail order a wife or a husband, pick up our phone and rent-a-date …… and so the list of options goes.

Happy loving and happy living …… Have a fabulous weekend everyone !!!

Revisiting: Can Money Buy Love?

“Love without money is difficult” or “Money without love is useless?”

The past weekend was simply wonderful. Met up with some old friends at Starbucks and after a brief exchange of greetings, our get-together began to liven-up when Fred (who looked a little upset that afternoon) asked; “Hey, what do you fellows think, can money buy me love?”

You see, Fred is in his early 40s and is a civil engineer by training. Fred is a refined bachelor and have been going steady with a young lady for some time. However, in the recent months, we heard the fire of love in them has been less intense and cold. So when Fred raised that question, all of us were taken aback and dumbfounded.

Like me, all those present must have been thinking on their feet the same question. “How could I tactfully handle his question – without having to rub salt to his wound?” There was a long silence, then, Julie, a teacher, looked at us before turning towards Fred’s direction and confidently responded with a loud “Yes.”

She then paused before proceeding to say, “Money can buy love.” Now, all of us were stunned by her response. Our eyes were focused at her and our ears were waiting for more …… “Look, some businesses have proven that …… Their sales are always at the peak during Valentine’s Day” she continued.

“Oh …… what a brilliant and tactful answer to Fred’s tricky question,” I told myself. And from Fred’s body language, I  could read he was happy with what Julie had said and those words may have warmed his aching heart a little. Then, there was a grin of sadness from Fred’s macho-looking face. I sensed he could have some regret for not taken the initiative to rekindle his fire of love on Valentine’s Day.

By then, Nicholas, who have a chain of fine dining restaurants in town chipped in; “I agree. I agree with Julie. I had a big jump in reservations on Valentine’s Day.” Immediately his remark opened the floodgates. Mary smilingly told us her chocolates and gifts were completely sold-off on that afternoon. And Alan’s wife, Jessica, who owns a florist shop next door confirmed she too enjoyed brisk business on Valentine’s Day too.

Then, Frank threw in some jokes, got up and did his Beatles act; “I’ll buy you a diamond ring if it makes you feel alright. I’ll get you anything my friend it it makes you feels alright. Cause I don’t care to how much a money” and stopped right there. Fred and the rest of us were already smiling and having cheered-up our good friend, it was an opportune time for us to move into another topic.

Can money buy love?

That was the question I kept asking myself as I drove home after the get-together. 

Possible or simply not possible?

And is there any connection between money and love?

What is your take on this?

Warmest wishes and blessings to all of you.


The Power Of Your Smile.

Keep smiling ……

Your smile is a very powerful weapon;
you can even break ice with it.

Each time you smile, have you notice that it is true, someone, somewhere smiles back at you? ………. And come to think of it, sometimes, nothing on earth seem to make life more comfortable than the warmth and sunshine of a beautiful smile.

Express more. Smile more. And, have a happy Wednesday !!!

A Nostalgic Sunday Evening.

My chronicle in songs ……….

When I was a kid, in the good old days, this happened to be my favorite ……….

Another two to three years older, but no wiser ……….

Growing up ……….

Remembering a dear friend  ……….

This song says it best ……….

Through the years I journeyed through the valleys of life and had the golden opportunity to reflect and recreate ……….

Accomplishing dreams ……….

Have a great week everyone !!!


“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.”

All of us may have to put up with pain from time to time. At times pain can be daunting. Especially if it is associated with chronic conditions.

However, it is in such situations that an optimistic attitude is invaluable. This will help our body to fight back. A sound understanding of the condition and what are the likely causes will do us a lot of good. You see, anxiety will disrupt our sleep. But, deep sleep is required to support our immune system and to enable our body to accelerate the healing.

So learn to gain control over your pain experience. And try reducing your anxiety towards it by demystifying your situation. So that it will be less frightening and more bearable. At WordPress, I have read of many painful experiences. Many managed their pain very well and is recovering by leaps and bounds.

The success stories I read, inspired me to encourage those I know to sought the appropriate medical treatment to overcome their pain. Some succeeded. Some refused to take the bull by the horns. Some chickened out and some gave justifications as to why they should not proceed to be medically treated after some treatments.

You see, With The Grace Of God, who knows ……………….

Stay healthy, God Bless and have another great weekend !!!

Your First Step Towards A Great Year.

Have great expectations for this New Year …………..

Perhaps, you may think I have gone crazy by encouraging you to have great expectations for this New Year. On the other hand, some may say, “The more expectations I have for the New Year, the more I will be disappointed at the end.” Indeed, there may be some truth in that. I agree. But please allow me to share my point here with you.

If I may ask, “When someone tells you to be careful when you cross the road, how would you respond?” I reckon most likely, you will heed that advice and exercise greater caution and on the lookout just in case any mishap might happen. However, don’t you think the way you behave on the road may also cause you to get knocked? Guess that may be the same response when you are told to be careful when you are out from a bank or when on the streets you are likely to meet with a snatch thief.

The thing is when we start expecting something, our mind is preparing us for it to happen. Some time back, I posted a story about two farmers. During a rainy season one farmer shouted in joy, “How wonderful it is for watering my plants.”

While the other farmer was disappointed and said; “If it keeps raining like this, the roots of my plants will rot?”

Then, when the sun came out in full force a few days later, the first farmer exclaimed in joy; “Look, how wonderful it is, my plants are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need. I am going to have a great harvest very soon.”

However, the second farmer replied angrily, “If  it’s going to stay that way, it will scorch my plants and I will have nothing to harvest.”

You see, here we have two farmers each having a different expectation on the rainy season. Mentally they prepared themselves differently and took actions based on their expectations. Similarly, when it comes to you expecting to have a great year in 2012, your mind is also preparing you for a great year.

You will have to leverage on it by planning, mapping out strategies and taking all the necessary actions it takes to have a great year. In the process, you become confident, enthusiastic and committed to work hard to have a great year. Have great expectations for this New Year and I am confident you will be blessed with one.

Meanwhile, wishing you every success in all your endeavors. Have a …………

Happy New Year

and God Bless. !!!

My Young Visitor.

Birds don’t sing because they are  happy. They sing because they have a story to tell ……………

Every morning I have the pleasure of listening to birds chirping everywhere in my neighborhood. Their chirps are a delight to me because they bring joy and help to calm or quieten my mind.

This morning as I stepped into a room, I spotted this young visitor when I got closer to the window. Quietly I stepped out to reach for my phone at another room and hoped to capture my young visitor on camera. Then, without causing any unnecessary or undue fright to this valued, young visitor of mine, I captured this shot.

Meanwhile, the birds around were happily chirping away. One seem to ask my visitor; “Where’s your mama gone, little baby bird?” Then, someone chirped in, “Far, far away.” After a brief silence, another chirped, “Last night I heard your mama singing a song.” And the others joined; “Oh ……… We, Chirpy Chirpy, Chirp, Chirp.”

A little later, another tweet seems to be telling my young visitor; “Hey girl whatcha doin down there, dancing alone every minute while I’m right above you, I can hear your music playing, I can see your body swaying ………………” causing my young visitor to look up in search of that voice.

Then someone chirped, “Look ………, saw the boy playing with his mother there?”

“Yes,” some replied.

“Guess what are they talking?”

“Oh, like us, this little boy is singing,” one answered.

“Singing …………….?”

Then they heard ……………

“I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus last night
Underneath the mistletoe last night
She didn’t see me creep
Down the stairs to have a peek
She thought I was tucked
Up in my bedroom fast asleep …………….

Oh what a laugh it would have been
If daddy had only seen Mommy kissing Santa Claus last night.”

“Oh, how sweet ………….. Christmas is just around the corner, so there’s always joy around” one bird remarked. “I wish I could be one of them.”

Then another asked, “Are you crazy? They always envy us. They like to be birds and you ………….. Have you gather enough to celebrate the occasion?”

“Oh, I better be flying and on the lookout for more,” the bird answered. And as the bird with his mighty wings flew higher and higher, he belted out Fat Domino’s ………………

“I found my thrill
On Blueberry hill
On Blueberry hill
When I found you

The moon stood still
On Blueberry hill
And lingered until
My dream came true

The wind in the willow played
Love’s sweet melody
But all of those wows we made
Were never to be

Though we’re apart
You’re part of me still
For you were my thrill
On Blueberry hill ………..”

Suddenly, this bird took a sharp turn, glided back and while perching on the branch of an old oak tree, said; “I’ll be back” and flew away ………………..

Where Is The ……….?

Robert, an ex-colleague cum very close friend called yesterday. It wasn’t really a surprise for me because he used to call once in a while to make sure I am okay. As usual, we had a long conversation – in between Robert updated me with the latest information about some of our dear friends. He spoke about his plans for 2012.

And reminded me a story I shared with him years ago. It was about three young men who entered the same university after their studies. Tony wanted to follow his father’s footstep. Thus, he studied Accountancy. Gilbert did IT and Duncan studied Business Management to fulfill his Daddy’s wish. Upon graduation, the three of them went separate ways to pursue their careers.

One evening they decide to gather for a few drinks. At that get-together, Tony kept telling the two how important he was as Financial Controller in his Company. Gilbert disputed and said with all the information he have as Chief Information Officer, he is the most important among the two. He believe he chart and drives his Company’s future. Duncan, a Director of Sales in an established organisation, instead claimed he was the most important because he was accountable for generating revenue for the organisation and that was exactly what every business cannot do without.

The argument grew more intense and occupied their entire evening. When they finally decide to call it a night, the three of them were still arguing on their way out. Then, they saw God and decide to approach and ask Him, who is the most important of the three?

Each of them took their turn to argue eloquently their claim for holding the most important position in their respective organisations. God listened carefully and when they were done, God said;

“Look, I can’t settle your dispute. I’m sorry.”

Duncan was disappointed while the two were stunned by the response. After a while, Duncan answered,

“What do you mean you can’t settle it? You’re God.”

“That’s the problem,” God answered.

“I don’t see a Financial Controller, a Chief Information Officer or a Director of Sales. All I see are three human beings.”

In hindsight, there used to be a time when the well-educated person could know all that was academically known. Today is a very different world. We read many things today. Perhaps, too much non-essential stuff. While there are some, who do not spend enough time reading because television and the visual age of images have taken over their full attention. If I may ask, are we not drown in a sea of often useless information, ……………………………… and are no wiser for it?

Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?
~ TS Elliot.