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ABC Award.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Jeannie Leflar of “The Writernubbin” for passing this “ABC Award” to me. Jeannie, to be given this award by your goodself, means a great deal to me. Thank You Jeannie. And, I truly appreciate you remembering me in this occasion.

I would like to take this special opportunity to thank everyone I have met and related with here at WordPress thus far. You see, the experience I gained while blogging has been fantastic and wonderful. I meet so many talented, kind, understanding and peace loving bloggers here every day.

Now, I would like to pass this award on. I must mention, these are some of the bloggers whom I follow regularly. Like the others, they have so much to share. And, ……….. it is such a pleasure blogging with all of them here at WordPress. ¬†

Unwrittentruth Blog

The Resplendent Life

Wide Awake but Dreaming

My Rays Of Light

The Better Thing

The instruction to the ABC award are:
Add the logo to your site
Pass the ABC award on to other bloggers
And, use the alphabet to  make a list of words describing you, so readers will learn more about you.

So here is the A-B-C list of who I am (mostly)

A – Adventurous
B – Blessed
C – Caring
D – Dreamer
E – Easy going
F – Fun loving
G – Guy
H – Hopeful
I – Innovative
J – Jovial
K – Kempt
L – Loving
M – Motivating
N – Neat
O – Open
P – Passionate
Q – Quiet
R – Reliable
S – Sentimental
T – Trusting
U – Understanding
V – Vibrant
W – Warm
X – XL heart
Y – Youthful
Z – Zesty

Thanks to all of you my friends, for bringing so much fun, meaning, happiness, purpose and ………. into my life. Have a great day and God Bless.