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Every Woman Is Just As Beautiful.

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” is an often quoted expression we hear in our conversations. Some  people think beauty is subjective. Thinking allowed and no pun intended, “I believe every woman is just as beautiful.”

With hindsight, you may agree that no standard for beauty has held true for all time in all places. If you are interested in cultural anthropology, you will be able to recall that at some time in history, somewhere in the world, every shape, size and look has been a perfect. Thus, today’s definition, our definition of physical beauty is just one of the many ways external standards are used to measure us or rank us and assign us a role and identity in this world.

Indeed, many people spend their lives trying to get people to see that they do measure up. That they are important or influential and better than others. I beg to differ. If you buy into this, you are buying into a lie. And as long as you believe that lie, you will hate your life.

In a world that insists one must stick out way beyond ordinary, to matter. we are often told point blank; “Those who don’t stick out, they are ordinary and average …… And nobody notices the ordinary and average.” They believe prominence rules and only those who stands out are worthy of adulation. Those who stands out have worth. They are our idols.

Realistically, aren’t we are putting too much emphasis on external things? Say, our looks, position, wealth, connections, power and influence. You see, we keep jumping the track because we are confused about what to use to measure personal value. We fail to realize that the external things ultimately don’t matter. This “you-need-to-be ………. to-matter” has lead us to believe that worth is determined by beauty, money, position and so forth.

Thus, if we believe and accept that is true, then we are compelled to do all we can to get as much of that stuff as possible. The world would becomes a place for taking, a field of competition, a place for one-upping, conquering, overcoming and a place where only the fittest survive. Don’t you agree this kind of world perpetuates the anxiety of wondering just how fit we are and if our fit is fit enough?

And, don’t you think in this kind of world; popularity polls matters, youth matters, beauty matters; the poor, the weak, the aged, the handicapped, the not so beautiful or those less than perfect are discarded and forgotten? I believe our self-image is much like a self-portrait. It is very close to who and what what we picture ourselves to be. I believe God sees us as victors and God want us to have healthy and positive self-images. He created us in His image and He is continuously shaping us, helping us to become better and conforming us to His character. And, He sees us as His special masterpiece.

I believe every woman is just as beautiful and none of us would  have to look hard to find another measurement, standard or basis for comparison. Dare to believe and accept you are not a mistake. And dare to fall in love with the ordinary again. The minor details of your life matters to God. And if we don’t happen to fit today’s definition of beautiful, that only means the definition is faulty …….. Remember, it says nothing about who we are, what our value is, or for what we are destined.

Have another beautiful weekend and God Bless.

Revisiting: The Joy Of Giving.

The three things we crave most in life; happiness, freedom and peace of mind are always attained by giving them to someone else ……

Generosity make us happier and mentally healthier. Like love, which increases with exchange, generosity is something only if we give it away. Think of stored grains for instance. If we stored grains in a warehouse eventually it will rot. But plant these grains in the ground and it will multiply. 

Make others happy and you will be happier. Helping others often help the helper. The spirit of giving is one of personal fulfillment. Those who give more of their; time, money, kindness, love and ideas, have more of these things because that is the balance – and balance is the natural law of life. And it is by giving more we are actually communicating wholeheartedly. We feel less insecure – both emotionally and physically. 

Life is an echo. What we send always come back. Think of giving not as a duty, but as a privilege. Be mindful, we can be anywhere, so long as we are helping others and caring for them. Contributing in small ways to the lives of others is like a once-a-day vitamin for our body and soul. People who live loving lives find life gratifying, meaningful, joyful and hopeful. They realize that it is in giving of self lies the discovery of deeper and more flourishing self.  

Abraham Lincoln once said, “When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad.” As a matter of fact, his generosity and helping behavior gave him inner peace and the strength to overcome a history of depression. When we switch to a higher channel mentally, we replace the previous lower channel. Perhaps, such is human psychology that if we don’t express our joy, we soon cease to feel it. Remember, it matters not the value of the gift but, the thought of giving that provide us the fulfillment. 

Lastly, if we want to reap happiness, we have to sow the “happiness” seeds first. The seed always has to lead. Giving is a rich way of living. Don’t let anyone convince you that it doesn’t make any difference whether you give. God sees your gifts and acts of kindness. He will pour out His favor on you. Thus, love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart. No one has ever become poor by giving. And when we are generous to others, God will always be generous with us …… Practice generosity and change the world.             


Be Well.

Life goes so fast these days …… At times, we don’t have time to make sense of our thoughts and feelings. Consequently, we confuse facts with our assumption and interpretation, based on our imagination.

Winning may be everything in life if our lives are centered on money. But, if you are more interested in living an active and rewarding life, don’t you think the striving is everything? If we believe the chase is the reward, then we learn to see failure as only a part of the game and not as a disaster. But we have to be willing to go to the last mile because that is where the reward is.

When we chosen to operate within the parameters of “I am not good enough” or “I know I can’t succeed, so I won’t try” context – not only is our our system being placed “on alert,” subconsciously; we redefined those settings in our “window of opportunities,” downsized our “self-esteem” and altered our “values” which could potentially bring us down and dysfunctional.

Many people take on this self-defeating attitude and as a result never challenge themselves. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Failure is part of the process and not the end of the process. You don’t become a master of anything, if you don’t try. You will have to have patience and persistence. Indeed, we can always avoid embarrassment by doing nothing. And, if that is your measure, you will be successful. But, if you want acceptance, you will have to be willing to face a lot of rejection.

Be well …… May you have joy always !!!

Revisiting: Your Truth, My Truth, The Truth.

Nobody ever sees truth except in fragments.
~ Henry Ward Beecher.

In a very real sense, deception is rampant these days. It is no longer surprising to find people telling the biggest lies to those they are close with …… All of us want to know the truth. But, truth is merely a product of perception. And perceptions could be colored by experience. Consequently, there aren’t really lies if we believe them to be true. Definite and subjective meanings will continue to exist for the purpose and meaning of what is deemed to be the truth.

Truth telling is the avoidance of lying, deception, misrepresentation or non-disclosure in interactions. The problem with telling the truth is, it can be just as painful or destructive as a lie. Sometimes more so. But, don’t you think it is only when we speak the truth, say what is true and not say what is not true, we are worthy of trust and hopefully the people around us can understand, feel cared for and safe?

Indeed, this is not easy to do. However, a lot of unnecessary ugliness could be avoided if people choose to be upright by speaking truthfully. Be mindful, nothing ever good comes from lying or dishonesty. Lying is impractical. Words when uttered are like feathers being blown all over and, it is impossible for us to pick up every single feather that is blown. One lie will naturally lead to another and consequently a web of deceit is created. Tell it like it is. No posturing. No pretense. No spin doctoring. No emotional attack. No assumption. No fear based language and do not harm – as words can either cause tremendous harm or have a healing effect.

We often hear truth will set us free. Truth will prevail. Sadly, truth is but what we believe to be truth. At one point, I wasn’t sure what trust could mean to me because some of the people close to me weren’t trustworthy. And because of these few bad apples, I developed a distorted view that I can’t trust anybody. There is rarely a single truth – truth is relative to one’s life experience. And, truth will remain as individual as our version of reality. Truth will have a variety of meanings and absolute right and wrong could probably become doubtful and obscure.

Nobody ever sees truth except in fragments. Whether it is going to be your truth, my truth or the truth, it will be a disaster when only one kind of truth prevails at the expense of another. There aren’t any absolute or real truth for the truth seeker. There are so many different people living around us these days – it is normal or bound to have many different ways others could possibly look at things. Lastly, with hindsight and a little bit wiser, I can’t say I trust everybody because many people truly aren’t trustworthy …… And in a world where people are so engaged in reacting to events, I choose to place my trust first in God as He is the one who will faithfully be all that He promises to be.

Warmest Wishes and Blessings to all of you !!!

Mistakes Are Teachers.

We cannot learn without discovering what it is we need to know …… As a matter of fact, the older we get, the more difficult it is to find out what more there is out there for us to learn because we think we are supposed to know everything by a certain age. And that explains why taking leaps is so important. 

If our greatest gift is the ability to choose and to create our own destiny, why accept limitations then? 

Do you think it is better to go through life frustrated, angry and bitter because we never took the leap? Or, better to keep on blaming others or circumstances for that? If we fail, so what? I mean, we can either risk failure or we can risk wasting our potential, talent or watch our dreams slip away.

Don’t look, make your leap. Those who achieve greatness act as though there are no boundaries to what they can achieve. Few are willing to go for it if they can’t look what lies ahead or below them. Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.

Have a dream. Have the passion to live your dreams and keep experimenting your dreams. What we can do today can improve all our tomorrow. Mistakes are teachers. I believe we can go beyond the limits of our vision. Would you end life sliding down an old mountain or climbing a new one? 

Be mentally tough and keep excelling !!!

Live Your Dreams.

Many people spend their lives standing on the sidelines of life saying, “I’m not ready yet. I need more time and more money. I have to put together my business plan first.” 

You see, many people are still waiting for the perfect time to get started on their dreams and, far too many of them are still standing on the sidelines when the clock runs out and their playing time is over. The sad truth; they fail to recognize that the perfect time is now. 

If you have an idea, a dream or something you want to do, listen to your heart and go for it. You can always start before you are ready. Keep your mind open and focused. The “how” will come. The resources will appear once your dream picks up momentum. But you have to have the passion for your dream because if you have passion for it, then no matter what happens, it’s worth it.  

Live your dreams. Take an acceptable risk and go for it. Things come to us when we make our move and are ready for it to happen. 

Enjoy the new week and God Bless.

All My Loving.

Have another great week ahead, everyone !!!

As Time Goes By ……

“There is no such thing as death.
In nature, nothing dies;
From each sad moment of decay,
some forms of life arise.”
~ Charles Mackay.

“Everything is contained sounds – the past, the present and the future.
The person who does not know how to listen will never hear the advice
that life offers us all the time. And only the person who listens
to the sounds of the moment is able to make the right decisions.”
~ Paulo Coelho.

“Don’t fight a fact, deal with it.
Don’t discard your self, be more of it.”
~ Hugh Prather.

“Everything in the universe has a purpose.
Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows
through everything in a purposeful fashion
is also flowing through you.”
~ Dr. Wayne Dyer.