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Revisiting: “More Than Money, The World Needs ……”

First and foremost, I wish to thank all of you for the warm response, sharing your experiences and insights in my post, “More Than Money, The World Needs ……”

You see, we do not need any resources if we were to give from our hearts. ………. We just need to be rich inside.

Please do not misunderstand me, I mean all of us have got space inside us. Giving is an option of the heart. Be mindful, to have a good heart is one thing. But to give of it, to create something, is a much more powerful donation, I reckon.

Giving is an art. If we gratefully let something go every day, we are making space in our lives for new ideas and experiences. Remember, if we were to limit the love we give to just one or two, it will you halt eventually. But, if we learn to create love inside our hearts and silently give it to everyone we meet, love will gradually grace every corner of our lives.

…….. the greater we expand beyond the limits of our beliefs, the greater is our capacity to share ……..