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Live Your Dreams.

Many people spend their lives standing on the sidelines of life saying, “I’m not ready yet. I need more time and more money. I have to put together my business plan first.” 

You see, many people are still waiting for the perfect time to get started on their dreams and, far too many of them are still standing on the sidelines when the clock runs out and their playing time is over. The sad truth; they fail to recognize that the perfect time is now. 

If you have an idea, a dream or something you want to do, listen to your heart and go for it. You can always start before you are ready. Keep your mind open and focused. The “how” will come. The resources will appear once your dream picks up momentum. But you have to have the passion for your dream because if you have passion for it, then no matter what happens, it’s worth it.  

Live your dreams. Take an acceptable risk and go for it. Things come to us when we make our move and are ready for it to happen. 

Enjoy the new week and God Bless.


  1. Thanks for sharing your inspirational thoughts…

  2. Lyn Leahz says:

    Thank you dear Michael..and God bless you for the encouraging words. As I read this, I am reminded of the dream and the desire to be totally right in every way with God, and sometimes, how impossible it seems. We all have these things, these little strongholds in our lives that for whatever reason, seem so impossible to just let go of and move forward. Sometimes we’re afraid because we’ll offend someone, or might lose an ungodly relationship. Sometimes whatever it is ‘is’ something we enjoy..for whatever the reason, through Christ, if we go to the Lord and ask Him to help us with this thing, He shall…but then we have to be willing to let Him. God bless you and have a beautiful, blessed week!

    • Michael says:

      It’s great to have you sharing your insight with us, Lyn. Wishing you another successful and blessed week as well. Regards !!!

  3. Wayne Augden says:

    Thank you Michael. I always find your writing inspiring, and thought provoking. Appreciate what you do. I like the new look, too.

    • Michael says:

      Happy Morning Wayne. You know, I like the great work you are doing as well. Have a great week and blessings throughout the week. Regards !!!

  4. very insightful, I feel like I’m in that dilema where I’m waiting for the right time to do something but I guess at the end of the day…I’ll have to take a giant leap of faith and just do it afraid not knowing what the outcome maybe.

    Sherline 😀

    • Michael says:

      Hi Sherline, To me, you are a very knowledgeable young lady. Coupled with the faith you have in yourself and in God, do it with God in mind. My best wishes in all your undertakings !!!

  5. Nat says:

    “If you have an idea, a dream or something you want to do, listen to your heart and go for it.” How motivating and inspiring, Michael! I truly believe in that and always try to live by that. Thank you for sharing this inspiring post and hope alls well with you! Have a lovely week! 🙂

  6. Great post Michael, love your stuff. The quote is thought provoking too…”it’s the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.” Too true that we create difficulties in our minds that don’t really exist. I started pursuing a dream almost a year ago and it’s just starting to gain momentum now. Never give up is the lesson I’m learning! Have a great week yourself my blogging friend!

  7. Thank you, Michael. I always enjoy your inspiration!

  8. lokisdattir says:

    Reblogged this on Crow Roads.

  9. Timely word! I am in the process of pursuing my dreams to become a Life Coach. If we are willing, God is able. No time like ‘now’ to get it done!

  10. Desiray says:

    Great message Michael if a person ever wait till they get what they want this miss the moment of living in the moment. Things never bring true joy to ones life,it’s the relationship a person has with Jesus that gives them true joy

  11. Anthony says:

    U hit the nail on the head with this one. I am one of those that complains about time and money. Thanks for this post.

  12. summer.reyes says:

    Love this! Speaking right at me.. thanks!

  13. Wonderful Post! I especially love,”You can always start before you are ready…The “how” will come.” Realizing your dreams can be a leap of faith, but it is worth it to take that first step. Then just keep going forward.

  14. We all spend too much time being afraid to try that we miss some wonderful
    opprotunities that may be right in front os us. Super great post, Mchael. This
    one gives pause for thought.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday …..

  15. snowgood says:

    love the text in your photo

  16. sistertosister53 says:

    Thank you Michael…I truly loved this encouraging message. That is what I am doing now…I stepped out on two of my dreams so far…Because I do have passion for what I do…I love what I do..I enjoy it very much. I learned that one must take a risk..[Faith] how would you know what the out come will be or not if you don’t? thank you again and God bless you… 🙂

  17. pennycoho says:

    A huge Truth Michael for both those who don’t and those who do. Thank you!

  18. Great stuff!

    To turn a dream into reality, one needs to think in terms of “intentions”. An intention is a focused orientation towards the dream. It’s like a beam of light that can bring warmth, and sometimes can burn a whole jungle! That’s the passion, which fuels the intention.

    There’s a way to think of and write intentions. You need to single out that which you really want, from all the “nice-to-have” distortion. Otherwise, your beam of light gets weaker and scattered!

    The Soaring Eagle

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